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Wineries and wines of D.O. Ribeira Sacra in The Wine Advocate

In the May 14th issue of The Wine Advocate the following wineries and wines belong to D.O. Ribeira Sacra

Interview with José Manuel Moreno Ferreiro, General Manager D.O. Málaga

Conversation with José Manuel Moreno about the future of the wine sector, wine as culture and the Spanish consumer

Interview with José Luis Lapuente, General Manager of D.O. Ca Rioja

We talked with José Luis Lapuente about what the XXIV CECRV Assembly in Ribeira Sacra meant, the role of wine in Spain and what the consumer is looking for.

Interview with Mª Paz Gil Díaz, Secretary of D.O. Tacoronte Acentejo

We talked about Wine Tourism, similarities between denominations and the role of CECRV with Mª Paz Gil Díaz

Inteview with David Palacios, President of CECRV

Conversation about CECRV, Ribeira Sacra and wine with David Palacios

XXIV CECRV Assembly in Ribeira Sacra II

Activities and Signing of the CECRV Accession to the Ribeira Sacra candidacy for World Heritage

D.O. Ribeira Sacra Vintage 2019

Do we travel to the vintage of Vertigo? We dive into Heroic Viticulture.


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