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"Distinciones Gallaecia" for Ribeira Sacra


Organized by Gallaecia, Association of Sommeliers of Galicia, in this XX edition 645 wines from the Denominations of Origin of Galicia participated.
In pre-tasting, which took place at the Regulatory Council in Monforte de Lemos on June 27, already thought good results for the samples presented, undoubtedly have been overcome in light of the results obtained.
On Monday, September 3rd, the final tasting took place, in which a total of 68 brands were awarded, of which 11 belong to the D.O. Ribeira Sacra. Among these, the best recognized red wines were:

  •     Adega Vella (Jorge Feijoo González)
  •     A Rosa do Viño (Adegas Moure)
  •     Algueira Serradelo (Algueira)
  •     Cruceiro Rexio (Ramón Marcos Fernández)
  •     Finca Míllara (Finca Míllara)
  •     Marqués de Garoña (Viña Garoña)
  •     Regina Expression (Regina Viarum)
  •     Regina Viarum (Regina Viarum)
On the other hand, in the category of white wines, the D.O. Ribeira Sacra was worthy of three other distinctions that demonstrate the growing recognition of whites elaborate under the Denomination of Origin:
  •     Adega Vella (Jorge Feijoo González)
  •     Condado de Sequeiras (Peago Group)
  •     Viña Vella (Virxen dos Remedios)

A new recognition of the work well done by winemakers and winegrowers, which undoubtedly encourages us to continue working in the same line of excellence.


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