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Harvesting official start


The Regulatory Council has decided to mark as the recommended date for the general start of harvest in the Denomination of Origin on September 25th, presumably prolonging the collection of the grapes until mid-October.

On Monday, August 27th, maturation controls were started in the vineyards that allowed to determine not only the state of the grape, but also the official date for the beginning of the harvest in 2018.
On September 11th, the optimum state of ripeness of the grapes in some plots of the Amandi area caused Adega Algueira to begin with the work of collecting the grapes, mainly of the Godello variety.

Despite a year marked by weather conditions not always positive, this year's harvest will be around six million kilos and be of excellent quality.

So far a total of 19,953 kg have been collected of which 8,056 kg correspond to the Mencía variety, 1,144 kg to the merenzao, 10 kg to the Garnacha, 6,261 kg to the albariño, 360 kg to Dona Branca and 4,122 to the godello.

This campaign is expected to produce wine under the protection of the Denomination of Origin 95 wineries, of which 8 are carrying out harvesting tasks at this time.

The official data of grape collection will be published daily in this same section.


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