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20 wineries receive the HG&T medals


A score of Ribeira Sacra wineries have received the medals of the HG & T magazine for the quality of their wines between 2013 and 2017.

The delivery of these diplomas certify that they obtained some gold or silver medal in the tastings held in this quinquennium, demonstrating that they continued betting on quality in a period of full crisis.

The president of the Regulatory Council of the Ribeira Sacra Denomination of Origin, José Manuel Rodríguez, acted as master of ceremonies. The awards were given by Guillermo Campos, founder of the Galician Hospitality and Tourism magazine; María Campos, director of the publication, and Victoriano Castro, commercial director.

The ceremony has been the second part, development, of the Gala of Tourism and Gastronomy of Galicia held in the Carballiño in spring, in which those distinctions had been proclaimed.
On that occasion, as will be recalled, the regulatory boards and assimilated entities representing the producer groups were given certificates certifying the podiums obtained by their representatives.

The delivery of the diplomas of the Ribeira Sacra is part of a complete calendar in which the distinctions were handed out to the more than 300 distinguished brands during these years.

In the first quarter of next year, HG&T will announce the call for the Gala of Tourism and Gastronomy of Galicia 2019, in which the podiums of the tastings celebrated throughout 2018 will be proclaimed, with which the celebrations of the XXV will end anniversary of the foundation and uninterrupted edition of the sectorially hegemonic magazine in the northwest peninsular quadrant.


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