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The tasters of the Peñín Guide highlight the diversity and uniqueness of the D.O. Ribeira Sacra


There were 57 samples from 20 wineries of the Denomination. Of this 57 samples, 31 was red wines, 12 white wines, 13 to red wines in barrel and 1 was a rosé wine, new type of wine in the D.O. Ribeira Sacra from 2018.
Carlos González highlighted the limpidity of the red wines of the 2018 harvest, "I have found a very clean harvest. You can clearly perceive the fruit, those notes of red fruit, that smell of the interior of Galicia, those balsamics, it's green grass ... Which is more or less mature depends on its origin".

Carlos González. Peñín Guide

Speaking about the barrel red wines, Javier Luengo, pointed out that "Due to the climatic influence of the area, aging in barrel absorbs a lot in the elaborations, and we must be careful when using the wood, for the type of grape and the freshness of the wines. We have seen that in recent years the wineries are betting on these elaborations with aging, which is logical taking into account the cost of producing the wines in these lands. They try to extract wines of higher ranges through these agings. "Carlos González pointed out that there are wineries in the Denomination in which it is seen in the elaborations that" wood is a means, not an end, but there is one that has a little point more of wood they should and in these cases you lose the differentiating wink, which for me have Ribeira Sacra wines."

Javier Luengo. Peñín Guide

The Peñín Guide will fulfill with this edition 30 years and almost 400,000 wines tasted in Spain. With this background, they consider that the wines of the D.O. Ribeira Sacra have a differentiating character, the result of diversity, which gives rise to unique wines resulting from special climatic and pedological conditions where a good maturity is mixed with freshness. "Two questions that are well interpreted are very interesting, but it depends on what the producer is looking for, if he is looking for the obsession of the degree or betting on the freshness that comes from the high rainfall and the cold winds of the Atlantic, that's why Here there are wines so unique, because they combine these two climatic situations. To that we add the soil science and see that there is still that heroic viticulture, and we have a great plus; There are many wineries that take advantage of the wine tourism as a catalyst for the area. "
Thinking about the future of the Ribeira Sacra Denomination of Origin, Carlos González highlighted the potential of Bibei subzone. He said that he predicted an interesting future for the conditions that give height and climate.


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