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Finland and Estonia see potential for D.O. Ribeira Sacra in their countries


The Finnish and Estonian Reverse Mission organized by ICEX in collaboration with the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Helsinki devotes two days to the D.O. Ribeira Sacra. Yesterday tasted in the tasting room of the Regulatory Council, 20 samples of 10 wineries of the Denomination, 3 whites, 11 young reds, 5 barrels and 1 pink.

This Reverse Mission is mainly of journalists and sommeliers, that is, prescribers, people who will later talk about the wines of this Denomination in their respective countries. Sanna Pöyry, journalist specializing in wine texts, organizer of tastings for companies and private groups, explains that in Finland the wines that are imported most are from Chile and that the Finnish consumer likes full-bodied wines, "wines of New world, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Look for wines with a lot of body. I think the Mencía is very interesting but it generates fresher wines that the Finnish consumer is not used to. I like the Ribeira Sacra wines we have tasted today so much, young wines I see a lot of potential and those aged in barrels seems very interesting ".

The objective of this type of visits is that the prescribers know different types of wines and their grape varieties. According to Sanna Pöyry, mencía wines in Finland are little known, "There are restaurants that have them and people who know about wine know them, but the final consumer hardly knows them. Let them know and inform about them, with activities like these is our job. "

The participants in the Reverse Mission visit Peza do Rei and Regina Viarum wineries today, they will have the possibility of knowing more details about their elaborations and will know the vineyard and the characteristics of the Ribeira Sacra territory. Sanna Pöyry explains the expectations about knowing the territory in a Denomination that has as its motto, the taste of a land "I had never been at Ribeira Sacra, today we had the chance to go through incredible landscapes and with visits to the wineries and the vineyard we wait see impressive landscapes, those that take your breath away.


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