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The wines of the D.O. Ribeira Sacra, quality wines for the United States


During the month of May, the Ribeira Sacra Denomination of Origin starred in four masterclasses aimed at the hostelry sector in the US, organized by The Guild of Sommeliers. The appointments were held in Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles California; Orlando, Florida and Austin, Texas.

More than 130 representatives of hotels, restaurants, wine bars, distribution chains, journalists and specialized writers participated in the activity,... In the face-to-face meetings, the participants were informed of all kinds of information about the D.O. Ribeira Sacra, history, territory and terrain, climatic characteristics, resources, viticulture, viniculture and regulation of the Denomination of Origin.

As a part of the activity, wines from the Ribeira Sacra Denomination of Origin were also tasted, specifically 8 wines, belonging to 7 wineries:

  • 2018 S.A.T Virxe dos Remedios “837 Xuga”
  • 2017 Carlos Rodríguez "Alba Solleira"
  • 2017 Grupo Peago S.L. "Condado de Sequeiras"
  • 2017 Manuela Valdés Pérez “Tear”
  • 2014 Ronsel do Sil S.L. “Vel,uveyra”
  • 2018 Bodegas de Rectoral de Amandi S.A.U.
  • 2014 Bodegas de Rectoral de Amandi S.A.U. “Edición Limitada Manolo Arnoya”
  • 2017 Alma das Donas S.L. “Alma3Once”

The head of the masterclasses was David Yoshida MS, professor in wine classes at Yale University, sommelier of the AvroKO group in New York and current wine director of one of the start-up teams Pollux Wine. In addition to reflecting all the information of the D.O. Ribeira Sacra and the wines tasted on the website of The Guild of Sommeliers, the participants received very complete information about all the wines and wineries.

The assistants to the masterclasses were impressed by the great and varied range of wines of the Denomination of Origin Ribeira Sacra. The price, the quality and the consistency of the wines were valued, appreciating the regional identity through the flavor. The participants showed their intention to include the wines in their lists of quality wines.

Many of assistants delved into the qualities of D.O. Ribeira Sacra and highlighted its diversity depending on the region, which aroused great interest to know firsthand the territory and the available wine tourism offer.


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