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The vintage of Heroic Viticulture advances


On August 28, the harvest began in the D.O. Ribeira Sacra. From then on and until September 12, 224,773 kilos of grapes have been collected. The majority corresponds to Mencía with 110,487 kilos and Godello with 75,640 kilos. The rest of varieties are collected:

Red varieties:

  • Brancellao 1.385 Kilos
  • Merenzao 10.781 Kilos
  • Caíno 60 kilos
  • Garnacha 527 kilos
  • Mouratón 160 kilos
  • Tempranillo 8.095 kilos

White varieties:

  • Albariño 14.129 kilos
  • Blanco Lexítimo 60 kilos
  • Dona Branca 1.600 kilos
  • Treixadura 1.859 kilos

Of the 99 wineries that were harvested under the D.O. Ribeira Sacra in this campaign, 18 are doing harvest work, 11 are paralyzed and 2 have already finished. Therefore there are 68 wineries that have not yet started the collection work. The grape that is entering the winery has an optimal sanitary state and the weather conditions are being very favorable. The forecast continues to exceed 7 million Kilos of grapes in this campaign.

From September 19, the C.R.D.O.R.S. website will offer daily collection data updated by varieties.


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